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Ivy Virtual Grid generates positive cash flow for owners by unlocking energy revenue for multi-tenant properties. Use the revenue simulator below to see how much additional revenue Ivy can generate for your project.

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* These values are rough estimates for 25-year lifespan period.

You can contact us for a Solar + Ivy quote with data tailored to your project.

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Ivy Switch Trial Program

You no longer have to worry about how to fairly and accurately bill residents for solar usage with the Ivy Virtual Grid. Now we've got an even easier way to get started with the Ivy Switch Program. Take comfort in knowing your solar investment is backed by intelligent insight.

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What's Included?

Residents Energy Usage Analysis

Ivy will obtain actual historical usage data from a sample of community residents. The data patterns & analysis are essential to lock in solar revenue forecasting and the final project scope.

Solar Revenue & Resident Savings Verification

A 25 year forecasted solar revenue report based on the actual historical usage patterns specific to each properties unit mix. This insight that will give any owner the confidence they need to move forward with a solar investment.

Resident Feedback Questionnaire

Community residents are provided a simulated glimpse of the Ivy experience and what their solar savings would be based on exact consumption patterns. Ivy then obtains insightful survey feedback from the residents based on their experience and likelihood to participate in a solar program.

Solar + Ivy Implementation Plan

Solar Quote from an Ivy Certified Contractor Tax credit availability & eligibility

Customized Implementation Plan

Financing Recommendations

Qualifying Incentives Report

Make the Switch in 3 Easy Steps

1 Register Property

The Ivy Switch Program was created to take the guess work out of investing in shared solar. Get started below and confirm your properties solar revenue potential.

2 Simulate Solar Revenue & Obtain Valuable Resident Feedback

A single step data collection program that's easy for any property manager to rollout. As simple as sending an email. We take care of the rest.

3 Verified Solar Revenue Report & Implementation Plan

We use proprietary solar revenue forecasting tools combined with actual tenant consumption analytics unique to each property. Any owner will gain the insight needed to secure their solar investment and feel comfortable providing clean energy for many years.

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